Mit dir in mir beginne ich den Tod zu ahnen"With you within me I begin to anticipate death"Jenny Holzer


Dear writers, dear artists, dear antelopes, dear firecrackers,

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to submit to WTR, here it is.

Winter Tangerine Review has opened our final 72-HOUR free-for-all submission period for Volume Four!  You can submit an unlimited amount of pieces (art, poetry, prose, film, and dramatic writing!), and receive a decision in three days or less. We’re hungry. Send it all.

The Flash Mob Period (September 24th to September 27th) will also signal the (almost!) end of submissions for our fourth volume! This’ll be the last time you can submit to WTR in 2014. Don’t think about it. Don’t put it on your To-Do List. Just do it. Send us your work. We’re really excited to review it.

Last submission period, we received over 700 submissions during our Flash Mob period and like we said before, we can definitely beat that! Use hashtag #wtrflashmob on Twitter after submitting for a chance to win eBooks of all of WTR’s volumes so far! Shout out to Jacinta White and who won one year subscriptions to WTR during our last Flash Mob period!

This is your last chance to submit to WTR before we close submissions until 2015!

What are you waiting for ? SUBMIT NOW!


God is behind everything, but everything hides God. Things are black; creatures are opaque. To love a being is to render it transparent.

Victor Hugo’s draft of Les Miserables.

Most likely, we’re going to remember Jenni B. Baker as the best erasure poet that has ever lived.
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